The Top 5 Shows That Ended Too Soon!

We have all had it happen to us.  We are absoulutely loving a show, it had an awesome season finale and then you hear that it wasn't picked up for another season!  What?!?!? But we have so many questions!

From Firefly to Terra Nova, this has happened time and again.  Today Adam, Dave & Jason bring you the ultimate list of shows that were cut off in their prime!



The Top 5 Batman Movie Villains

Batman has had some great villains over the years and today Adam, Dave & Jason provide you the ultimate list of movie villains! 


Excluding "The Batman" since (at the time) Adam and Jason had not seen it, here are the Top 5 Batman Movie Villains from all the rest!

Dave wanted Superman, how villianous!



The 50 Worst Product Flops Of All Time

There have been some horrific products released over the years and here Listwise presents the 50 worse!

That's right, 50!  Adam brings a whopper of a list but as the guys point out, some of these flops were also great!  Tear.

Was anything left off the list?  Let us know!



Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger One-Liners!

Adam is back with some fantastic Arnie impressions as the guys create the ultimate list of Arnold Schwarzenegger One-Liners.  Dave joins in with a decent impression while Jason's sounds like Arnold with a lisp!


Does your favorite one-liner make the list? Listen in to find out!

I'll be Bach!



Top 5 Discontinued Soda Pops

We can't start a Tab until you order something!  Today Adam, Dave & Jason take a look at soda pops from yesterday and count down the best that no longer exist!

One thing is for sure, Dave loves pop!  He drinks it morning, noon and night.  He can't get enough of the stuff.  As he has always said "I get all the water I need from the pop itself!"

The man has an issue!



Top 5 Harrison Ford Movies

He's found the Ark of the Covenant, he made the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs and tracked down Fredrick Sykes (a.k.a. the one armed man).  Harrison Ford has had a huge career in Hollywood and today the guys break down his best!

With the help of Jesse once again they bring you the best that Ford has to offer!



Top 5 80's Television Themes Songs

Today on the podcast the guys bring to you the best television theme songs of he 80s. Of course Dave and Adam don't know good theme songs so Jason tries to salvage the episode.


Adam surprises Dave & Jason with friend of the show Jesse as he joins the trio as the reflect on the best the 80's has to offer ... when it comes to television theme songs!



Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Get to the choppa, turn on the radio and stream the latest episode of The Listwise Podcast!  Today Adam, Dave & Jason create the greatest list of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies ever, there is no denying it's greatness.


 And the age old question is finally answered ... "In how many movies has Arnie said 'I'll be back'"?  Tune in to find out!



Top 5 Greatest 80's Love Songs

Today Adam & Dave are joined by the Love Guru as they create the ultimate list of love songs ripped from the 80s!  As always there is some controversy on the show and this time it is when the songs were actually released!

Join in on the fun as three middle aged men pick out the greatest love songs!



Top 5 Games That Need A Remake

Retrogaming is all the rage now, even being picked up by those that did not live during that generation.  Even though the gameplay may be solid sometimes you just wish the visuals were a little better.

Today Adam, Dave & Jason discuss which games deserve a make-over and then rank them according to some imaginary system.

Tune in to see how wrong they are!



Top 5 Movie Theme Songs

Today the guys struggle to figure out the different between a movie score and a movie theme song. They do power through that and bring their Top 5's to the table for some discussion!

The battle was intense but the one take away from this episode is that Dave has an unhealthy appreciation for Weird Al Yankovic!



Top 5 Most Shocking Wrongful Convictions!

Today the guys move away from the comedy (mostly) to cover a more serious topic; wrongful convictions.  This happens more often then most think and it an absolute horrible way for someone to spend a large chunk of their life.

Straight from the interwebs Adam brings us a list of the Top 5 Most Shocking Wrongful Convictions.  These people spent years of their lives (and some on death row) although they were all innocent! 



Top 5 Most Iconic Games We Have Never Played

Since the guys are Gen-Xer gamers you would think they would have played just about every game ever created and you would be ... wrong!

Today they present a list of games they have never played, and it will surprise you.  Have they lost all their gamer cred?  Possibly.  Tune in to find out!

Enjoy the trainwreck!

Will Smith.png


Top 5 Will Smith Movies!

From the Fresh Prince to Daryl Ward in the recently announced "Bright 2", Will Smith has had a long and entertainming career.  Today the guys sit down to discuss that career and create a Top 5 list of his greatest!

There is a lot of discussion as always and we do find out that Dave is just not a big fan.  He has always thought he was but now he realizes he was just mesmerized by that smile!

Enjoy the episode!



Top 5 Cereals

Today the guys let you know the perfect thing to eat for breakfast!  Is it a burger? Maybe for Jason but what we are talking about is cereal!  Here are their picks for the Top 5 Cereals!


Even thought breaksfast might be the "most important meal of the day" does not mean that cereal can only be eaten then!  It does make a fantastic snack!

It also doesn't mean that pizza or burgers don't make a great breakfast either!





Top 5 One-Hit Wonders!

You know them, you love them!  Everyone enjoys a good One-Hit Wonder and there have been a ton of them over the years.  Today Adam, Dave & Jason bring you their picks for the Top 5 One-Hit Wonders!

Did we discuss your favorite?  Did you discover a new favorite?  



Top 10 Biggest Tech Breakthroughs Of The 1980s

Ah the 80s, it's a glorious decade when you look back at it. Some would argue it had the best music, movies, television, hair styles, clothes and even tech breakthroughs! From the Sony Walkman to the Nintendo Entertainment System the 80s was great for new tech.


Join Adam, Dave & Jason as they discuss the decade of excess!



Top 5 Musical Frontman

Oh it's on!  Adam, Dave & Jason battle it out to create the ultimate list of the best musical frontmen!  There is a lot of crossover but when it comes to the top spot there was a lot of debate and frustration!

Who will win the battle of the bands?  You will need to listen to find out!



Top 10 Crazy New Year's Eve Traditions

Well we made it through another year and we hope you all have a fantastic 2022!  I know we are planning to entertain you weekly as always.


So for today's episode we take a look at some very strange New Years celebrations/traditions from around the world!


What New Years traditions do you have?



The Top 5 Christmas Movies!

Merry Ki Yay Mother Christmas! It's that most wonderful time of the year so leave it to Adam, Dave & Jason to spread the holiday cheer by creating a most joyous holiday list! This is the official Christmas movie list of the Listwise Podcast so don't feel you need to watch anything else this season!


Complete this list and feel accomplished!


Merry Christmas Everyone!



Top 10 Strange and Weird Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Everyone is afraid of something, sometimes it's rational and sometimes its very strange.  Here Adam, Dave and Jason bring to you the Top 10 Strange and Weird Phobias You've Probably Never Heard Of!

These are real fears that terrify individuals even though some of them seem very mild.  

What are you afraid of?



The Top 5 Best Fast Food Restaurants

Everyone has their opinion on what the best fast food restaurant is.  Some like chicken, some burgers, some tacos and even some fast food italian.  But what fast food restaurant reigns supreme?

Let Adam, Dave and Jason decide that for you as the battle for the Fast Food Crown is underway.  Who is more passionate about their choices?  You will have to listen to find out!

So open your greasy bags and dive in!



The Top 10 Greatest Cover Songs

Sometimes a song is just better done by someone else and that is why Adam, Dave & Jason take a look at some of the greatest songs covered by other artists.  

From Johnny Cash to Marilyn Manson the guys talk about some of the best (and worst covers) and are not scared to disagree with this lists results.

And feel free to share your favorite covers in the Super Happy Fun Room!

n64 party.jpg


The Top 5 Greatest Multiplayer Nintendo 64 Games

Back in the 90s internet access was slow, with dial-up maxing out at 56.6kpbs, so online multiplayer was in its infancy and not very stable.  So how did you get your group game on the best?  With the Nintendo 64 of course!

With four controller ports and 64-bits of power the Nintendo 64 was THE party gaming machine of the time.  Four player split screen create a gaming environment not seen anywhere else!

Now you're playing with power!



The Top 5 Best Tom Cruise Movies

From Risky Business to Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise has had some fantastic movies over his long career.  And his movies have been all over the spectrum, he is probably one of the least typecase actors in Hollywood.

Adam, Dave & Jason create the ultimate list of the absolute best Tom Cruise movies, consider it your must watch of his library.

You are welcome!



The Top 5 Greatest Super Powers

What would a superhero be without a super power?  They'd be Jason, and that is not cool in the least.  For this reason we are bringing you the greatest list of the greatest super powers!

What is the best?  Super hearing?  Teleportation?  Super metabolism?  They are all good but are they the greatest?  Perhaps.

Sit back and enjoy as Adam, Dave & Jason decide on the ultimate super power!



The Top 5 Best Ice Cream Flavors

When it comes to ice cream flavors the hosts of the show are quite divided.  While some are definitely plain Jane others love flavor explosions in their mouths!  What side are you on?

If you are like many out there you have a tough time deciding what kind of ice cream you want.  Fear no more as Adam, Dave & Jason will help you in that decision!

Let the screaming begin!



The Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Consoles

No one, and I mean no one, knows more about gaming then these three geeks.  One started gaming in the 70s while the other two began there journey in the 80s.

Between the three of them they have owned a large majority of released gaming devices and one of the hosts actually owned every system in this list!

So grab your controllers and a friend  and get ready for some gaming talk!



The Top 5 Greatest Star Wars Characters!

Everyone loves Star Wars but not everyone knows who the best characters in the movies are.  Some may say Luke Skywalker but there is a strong case for the Midi-chlorians!

While Adam & Dave bring generic choices to the list Jason digs deeper and brings a different prospective to the show.

After listening to the show you will have a stronger connection to these great characters!



The Top 10 Most Iconic 90s Rock Song!

From Metallica to Nirvana, the 90s was the decade of rock!  Every type of rock listener could find something they liked, and the discover of new bands and styles of rock was amazing.

Adam, Dave and Jason take you down memory lane they explore this Ranker list and put their own spin on it!

And the music Gods said "let there be rock" and they saw that it was good!



The Top 5 Things Today's Kids Will Never Have To Deal With!

Kid's today have it sooo easy.  They have the entire catalog of music, movies and books at their figure tips.  The can make phone calls from anywhere and don't have to watch live television!

Join old men Adam, Dave & Jason as they discuss their hardships as children and how easy it is for their children!

Don't choke your brother with that corded phone!



The Top 10 Greatest 80s Action Movies

Bang!  Pow! Boom! And we are not talking the Insane Clown Posse!  We are talking the Top 10 Greatest 80's Action Movies!  

I'll Be Back so yell Yippie Ki Yay everyone!  The guys discuss this list in their old man ways as they reminisce about these movies from their childhood.

Grab some Classic Coke and prepare for some major body counts as this list is broke down, Listwise style!



The Top 5 Greatest Tracks Off Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill

You oughta know what the Top 5 Alanis Morissette tracks are, but if you don't then let Adam, Dave and Jason help you out there!

The battle is fierce as each host has their favorites but there was a surprising amount of cross-over which did help in the creation of the ultimate track list.

So listen to the album and then the podcast and see how right we are!



The Top 10 Worst Things To Be Magically Turned Into

Today is a crazy episode where Adam, Dave & Jason take a look at some things that you definitetely would not want to be turned into.

Some are funny, some might make you scratch your head and some will definitely disgust you!  Now you know you are listening to a great show.

What would you hate to be turned into?



The Top 5 Greatest Comedy Movies Of All Time

Today is a very animated show as Adam, Dave and Jason put together their Top 5 Greatest Comedy Movies of all Time.

While Dave might think the funniest movie of all time was Saving Private Ryan, Adam and Jason are more realistic in their choices.

Do you favorite comedy make the list?  You have to listen to find out!



 The Top 5 Greatest Frozen Pizzas

Today Adam, Dave & Jason make themselves made with hunger as they create the Top 5 Greatest Frozen Pizzas.

Who better to create a list of the best frozen pizza than three guys who have kept the pizza industry in business.  Together they have consumed the surface of the earth in pizzas.

What pizza took the crown?  You will need to listen to find out!



The Top 10 Most Haunted Places In America

In the debut episode of the Listwise podcast Adam, Dave & Jason discuss the Travel Channel's Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America!

Straight out of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum the guys bring you the spookiest stories of hauntings.

Grab your blanket and mint chocolate ice cream and leave the lights on as this is a scary one!