About Listwise 


In the beginning there were no lists and, as such, there was chaos.  The world was full of stuff without ranking which caused confusion for the masses.  Was a hamburger better than a hotdog?  Was Mario better than Sonic?  No one knew!  The world was filled with unrest because of the unknown.  But there was hope!  The fellowship of three arrived on the scene!

In the distance three figures were walking, carrying something of importance.  Something that would bring order out of chaos.  It was a Top 10 list of Adam Sandler movies, proclaiming "Happy Gilmore" the greatest in his catalog.  And with that the people cheered and were finally content.

Welcome to Listwise, a podcast everyone has been waiting for!  Each week Adam, Dave & Jason bring their insights on some of the best lists the internet provides.  They are insightful and knowledgable on many topics plus they bring their old man humor to it.

Let the lists begin!