digitalSoup Episode 136 The Battle For Cloud Gaming

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

This week the guys discuss some cool new possibilities in the realm of wearables and hearables. Also - Microsoft and Sony… in on it together? How why? Then they talk about Game of Thrones!

Temperature Regulated Clothing Is Trying To Save The World

New breakthroughs in the world of temperature regulated clothing are happening that COULD let all of us walk around with our own personal air conditioner or furnace. All while being super efficient and leading to less use of heating/ac systems in buildings.

Mind Reading Hearing Aids? Say What?!

Researchers at Columbia University are working on a hearing aid upgrade using deep learning algorithms(AI) to help you focus on specific voices in noisy crowds better… by reading your mind.

Sony And Microsoft Team Up On The Gaming Front

You heard that right, long time rivals are now joining hands… at least in part. Cloud services for the two gaming giants seem to be set for a tag team approach vs one on one matchup.

Glittery Vampire Turns To Batman?

While the deal has yet to be signed, it appears that the actor that once played the “Sparkly” vampire in Twilight will be the next actor to don the legendary cowl of Batman. bosslogic

Instagram #1, Instagram #2, Instagram #3, Instagram #4, Instagram #5

A John Wick Retro NES Game!

Well, not exactly. It’s not a real thing, BUT how cool would this be!?

digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight:

This Week's Track - "New Revolution" by XOVA XOVA (pronounced Crossover) are a 6 piece multi-genre band who fuse Reggae with a modern mix of Pop, Rock, Ska, Indie, Motown, Hip Hop and folk to create a new Crossover genre we call PopTwist.

Check them out on their Facebook Page.

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